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Highpath Engineering are UK based precision engineers.

Many cyclists have problems using the standard cycle drivetrain – as the result of an injury or surgery, or during a period of rehabilitation. Others are riding with cranks that are too long, resulting in discomfort or a lack of efficiency.

Using designs and processes invented by the legendary Chris Bell, we specialise in adapting drivetrain systems for cyclists of all ages to provide effective solutions to these problems.

We also offer a repair service for cycle crank threads and tandem crank thread conversions.


Highpath Engineering Current Products

Swing Cranks

A unique and adaptable CNC produced product that allows those with a leg impairment to cycle again in comfort.

Combined with one of our Shorteners, or with your own shortened crank, the Swing Crank allows wide choice of movement circles to aid the cyclist’s pedal action. Many cyclists who thought they would never ride a bike again due to knee and hip problems have used Pulse Swing Cranks to return to cycling.

Available in Standard and 3-hole Long versions for bicycles, and Standard and 4-hole Long versions for recumbents, trikes and exercise bikes.

Crank Shorteners

Many cyclists are discovering the advantages of shorter cranks. Our Pulse Crank Shorteners are a unique, flexible ‘bolt on’ solution offering a choice of new pedal postions. Available in two sizes and a variety of finishes. Made from heat treated aluminium.

Each shortener is supplied with a full fitting kit that is designed for maximum rigidity in use.

We can also permanently shorten cranks to a specified length.

Pedal Extenders

Designed to increase your foot spacing while cycling to individual needs.

Manufactured from sturdy stainless steel, these easy to fit spacers allow the pedals to be moved outward by 23mm – particularly useful for those whose feet tend to point outward causing ‘heel strike’ on the the crank.

Cassette Spacers

Shimano-Campagnolo cassette conversion kits and custom spacers*

*Currently unavailable, but we are due to restart the manufacturing these adaptable kits soon.


Additional Services

Cycle Crank Shortening

Your crank length can be permanently reduced (subject to design) . Using purpose built jigs to ensure accuracy, we can shorten your aluminium cranks to your requirements on a CNC milling machine. We have a built a strong worldwide reputation for the quality of this work.

Crank Repairs and Modifications

We can repair damage to crank extractor and pedal threads. We will also reverse pedal threads for tandem crossover drives.


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