Testimonials [ unsolicited ]

Pulse Crank Shorteners

… thanks again for shipping the order a day earlier – we installed the crank shorteners yesterday and that has really helped with our holiday plans. Pedalling is quite a different experience now – definitely much more gentle on my knees! (Sophie Esterer, UK, 2017)

…… the fact that I have just put in a second order for the shorteners must indicate that I am a very satisfied customer. I had begun to lose hope that I would ever get back on my bike but now I’m back up to 60+miles a week. The precision engineering of the device is very impressive, and my bike shop owner was very impressed too. I have to ride electric bikes these days but the crank shorteners work just as well as on an ordinary pushbike. I hope this recommendation will help to convince any wavering ebike owners of the benefits of your kit. (David Hayes, UK, 2016)

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the Crank Shortener. I can’t believe none of my surgeons/doctors know about this – I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was 13 (9 years ago) and my doctors always told me that I never would after knee surgery, so I’ll definitely be telling them about this (then they can stop telling any other patients that their chances of cycling again are zero!). (Rand Mikael, UK)

Today I try your Crank Shortener. I am very happy!!! Is the solution for my problem. Thank you very much. (ST, Italy)

Fitted the Crank Shortener at the weekend and tried it with a 2.5 mile ride – the first time I have cycled since my knee operation four months ago. It worked fine and I am looking forward to transferring it to the new bike I have ordered today – safe in the knowledge that I can resume cycling. Thanks once again. (CB, UK)

Pulse Swing Cranks

Hi Patrick. The swing crank arrived safely today. Have put it on my wife’s bike. Good easy to follow fitting instructions. I have tried it out on the middle setting and te result is amazing. I thought I would not be riding a bike again but this has proved me wrong. An excellent product. Thankyou. (Bill Roberts, UK, 2024)

The swing crank works perfectly. First time back on the road since late 2022. I’ll be getting one for my second bike soon. (Andrew Northover, UK, 2024)

Thank you for sending the parts so quickly, and for your friendly and helpful advice.
Again, I am impressed by the engineering excellence of your products, and the superb finish.
I followed your instructions, and today I rode both of my bikes, one after the other, revelling in my new found ability to switch bikes at will.
Without your brilliant design, I would have no chance of enjoying my passion for cycling.
Regards, Tim. (Tim Sandle, 2020)
Now that I’ve been using the long swing crank for a while I thought that I’d drop you a line.
The device has been absolutely brilliant and has meant that I can use my e-bike safely once more.  I’ve done some longer runs on holiday and also used it fairly extensively locally.  It has delivered all that your website claimed, and more, despite the significantly restricted range of movement I have in my knee following a long standing serious injury.
The engineering quality of the swing crank is clear to see, it arrived very quickly and was easy to fit using the detailed instructions.
It would be remiss of me not to also mention the excellent advice and assistance you gave me when I was considering placing an order.  You were clearly engaged and keen to go that extra step to ensure that I made the right choice to meet my individual needs which was much appreciated.
My sincere and heartfelt thanks. (Fraser Martin, 2018)

Thank you so much – it did the job and I can now cycle normally after my knee replacement. (Peter Cathrow, 2018)

…….the swing crank and pedals were finally fitted.  I’ve been riding around every day now for over a week.

It is absolutely the right piece of equipment for my severely arthritic knee.  I can now see  why it is better than just a crank shortener.  Both sides also feel essentially the same when riding.

This means a great deal to me.  I don’t drive and I could no longer get from the bus stop to my swimming pool.  I moved here 2 years ago and was able to walk.

Then my knee injury got worse very quickly and I was recently refused a knee op on the grounds of age and what my bmi has recently become.  It was after this that I researched how I could bike again.

I have at last been able to begin exploring the wonderful nature reserves and huge parks here on my doorstep that I have never yet set foot in.  I’ve plenty of spaces to build up fitness and stamina again.

The next idea is to buy a Brompton or a Riese & Muller Birdy so that I can hop on and off all the transport here, which will add another dimension to my mobility.  I am aware of what you said about pop off pedals.

So I can’t walk but I can bike!

Thank you so much for the service you provide which is probably no less than life saving in some cases. (Sue Cox, UK, 2017)

Thank you Patrick, the crank has arrived and is now fitted and now I’m riding like a 74 year old champion. It’s such a relief and a pleasure now to ride. Thank you once again. (Fay Buerger, Australia, 2016)

Swing (Crank) has arrived yesterday. I have already tried- all working perfect. Should have ordered this 3 years ago! I’m very happy – I haven’t been on a bicycle for the last 5 years- and now I can enjoy again (Joanna, Australia)

Hi Patrick, Many thanks for sending the crank, it’s absolutely perfect. Following both total hip and knee replacement on my left side I have not been able to ride my bike at all but I can now. This device is absolutely amazing, I feel no pain, my leg is aligned with no lateral rotation through the joint, so to the rise and fall of the knee is perfect. I had almost given up hope of ever riding again but now I can feel the south of France beckoning, perhaps a light tour in 2016. Regards, Ian (Ian Dennis, UK)

Hello Patrick, Just to let you know, I have my new bike with Swing Crank fitted and it’s awesome! It really has changed my life. Thanks again, Karen (Karen Headington, UK)

I recently took delivery of a right hand swing crank from yourselves and have found it to be a great success, why don’t you make sure that all patients who have a problem with their knees know about them.
Many Thanks (John Cowie, UK)

I am very, very happy with the swing crank. Having the ability to ride again is a great gift – one of the best things about the crank is that it doesn’t feel any different from the other full one on the other side. I cannot tell that I am riding with only one full crank and one half crank. Both legs work as they can and away I go – I am up to 30 miles of total riding since it was installed in spite of many days of rain and mist! Thanks again for your marvelous invention. (Mary Hiller, USA)

I mounted it on my wife’s bike with no problem. It works really fine, your system is brillant! She is also using it on her second bike (e-bike) by shutling the Swing. It works fine on both and she is really happy. (Marc-Edouard Mirault, France)

Many thanks for the Swing Crank, exceeded my expectations, well engineered a lovely piece of kit. Fitted it to one of my bikes to-day and 13 months 6 days after being told I could forget ever riding a bike again, I have done, thanks in no small part to your swing crank. It’s early days but… I’m back on the bike and that’s a mountain climbed. (Pete Rigby, UK)

As for the Swing Cranks, they are priceless. They have allowed me a level of freedom that I just could not contemplate before their arrival. Thank you. (SC, UK)

Thank you for the Swing Crank, we are really pleased with the high quality of your work. Have fitted it today and feels comfortable will be life changing for us. (JT, UK)

Done something more that 360km (a lot of that on rough tracks) on the crank with it in the 240mm position, have now changed it to the 286mm position and now my leg goes round fine with a little tightness at the top, just about right. Maybe if I keep up a similar schedule at this position I will get enough bend to eventually go to a standard 170 crank. The best thing for me about the setup is that, unlike a short crank which I did have, it enables me to work on my leg extension… which means I stand nicely with no tension in the knee. A very satisfied customer. (CR, Czech Republic)

Today I made 10 min of bike thanks to you… Wonderful for me. Thanks a lot. (FR, France)

I have successfully used the Swing Crank with the new modified fixing since April.. it has been great. My cycling included a very enjoyable week in Sussex, which just would not have happened, well not without pain, without the swing crank. (DF, UK)

I want to say thank you so much. I just finishing using the Pulse arm that you make so that the physically challenges can ride a pedal bike and it works awesome. I hadn’t rode a bike in 22 years until tonight! Please keep up the amazing work! God bless!! (AH, Japan)

All fits perfectly and I have done some pedalling on a proper bike. It feels great. Many thanks for your helpful service and a very nice piece of engineering. (TM, UK)

I purchased a Swing Crank from you and then went on a holiday to France. Camped and cycled on towpaths. Amazing, as my rugby knee injury prevented me from such activity. You have given me a new life – one I thought I had lost. Now a stone lighter and getting back my fitness levels. Thank you again. (JR, UK)

After 5 months of finding cycling impossible after knee replacement, I am now back on my beloved bike thanks to the Swing Crank. Very many thanks for your prompt service (and ingenuity). I have passed details of your excellent service to the Physiotherapy Dept of the hospital that I attend, as I feel others will benefit from this excellent piece of engineering. Many thanks once again. (CM, UK)

Pulse Pedal Extenders

Thank you for supplying 2 pairs of Pulse Pedal Extenders. Having broken my ankle, I was unable to ride without catching the ankle bone on the crank. Thank you for supplying what I knew I needed! (SS, UK,)

The Pedal Extensions you sent me are great. Previously, the bike made my knee joints hurt to the point that it was no longer a pleasure to ride, and my calves were striking the crank with every rotation of the pedals; they are now well clear. (TA, UK)

Crank Shortening and Repairs

My cranks arrived today OMG!!!! So fantastically unbelievably brilliant – I’m so happy!! I will send you a pick of the bike when I get it altogether!! Thanks soooo much!!! (Bill Holmes, 2018)

Crank arrived this morning. Fitted onto bike and working perfectly with the swing crank. (John Williams, UK, 2017)

The cranks arrived today and I’m very pleased with them. I’ve tried one so far and it’s perfect for my needs, so many thanks – I’m looking forward to getting out on the bikes again . (John Klunder, UK, 2017)

Hi Patrick, Very good job, thank you. This was a trial to see how I would get on and frankly I find the shorter cranks much of an improvement! It took 2 or 3 rides and rejigging my position a bit to get used to it but it’s a lot more comfortable and feels more natural too. I also have a powermeter so it’s not all subjective and I’ve beaten my 5-mn max by 40 watts already.
So I’m now thinking of having another two pairs shortened. (Fred Gugic, UK, 2016)

Good afternoon Patrick! Just to jog your memory, 1 month ago you shortened a pair of cranks for me. My wife is so happy with her new correct-length cranks, that we’re going to ask for another pair. (AW, UK)

Received the crank this morning and promptly fitted it to my bike. Went for a ride and can only say what a great job you’ve done for me, I’m very impressed with it. My friends only noticed that it had the repair once I’d shown it to them. Many thanks. (Gary Robinson, UK)

Thank you for the excellent job you did at shortening my crank arms. I used them today on a gruelling 40mile hack round the Forest of Dean. They were brilliant. (JM, UK)

Thanks very much for the recent crank shortening. I use them on my polo bike and need to spin fast on a 41″ fixed gear, and improve ground clearance when cornering hard; they work a treat! I am recommending your service to others I ride with. (CG, UK)

Another great job, just right. Thanks (MC, UK)

I just wanted to say what a great job you made of my shortened crank. Really high quality work! I’m very pleased with it. (PM, UK)

Only just had a chance to test your repaired crank arm yesterday. It’s perfect. Thanks again. You’re now highly recommended by me to my friends/colleagues. (KD, UK)

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