Crank Repairs and Modifications

Pedal Thread Repairs

If you have stripped, damaged and crooked pedal threads these can usually be repaired by installing a new thread insert. We then mill the surrounding area to ensure a perfect pedal fit.

We can repair the pedal thread on carbon cranks if the original metal insert is still bonded to the carbon.

Unlike some of our competitors, we ensure the accuracy of the new thread using a precision milling machine and custom made jigs.

Crank Shortening

Please see the crank shortening page for details.

Tandem Cranks

Crank Repairs and ModificationsSend us your standard cranks (2 right-hand ones and 1 left-hand one). We will reverse-thread them to turn them into tandem crossover cranks. We can also shorten them at the same time at no extra cost.

Other modifications

Please contact Patrick to discuss any other modifications you may require.

Note: we don’t straighten bent cranks or repair damaged bottom-bracket tapers.

Your guarantee

If we have doubts about the suitability of your cranks, we will contact you before proceeding. All work is carried out on special jigs and remains true to the bottom-bracket axle (even if your crank is bent)


We won’t work on your cranks unless you accept our terms and conditions.

Crank repairs
GB pounds


  Pedal thread repair or crank shortening 1 crank £ 45.00+VAT  
    1 pair of cranks (to same length) £ 65.00+VAT  
  Extra holes (with repair or shortening) per hole £ 15.00+VAT  
  Tandem cranks 1 crank £ 45.00+VAT  
    2 or more cranks  (each) £ 35.00+VAT  
  Post + Packing UK £ 6.99 – £11.00  
    Overseas at cost  

Orders over £160 net

How to send your cranks
  1. Remove the chainrings and clean your cranks (we charge an additional £ 8.00 to remove and replace chainrings). We will not work on dirty cranks
  2. Attach a label to each crank with your name on it.
  3. Complete and sign an Order Form.
  4. Wrap everything carefully and send it by a secure service (eg. Royal Mail ‘Signed-For’).
  5. After we’ve successfully repaired or converted your cranks, we will contact you with an invoice, payable by bank transfer (preferred) or by credit card (via PayPal).
Timescale and Delivery

You should allow 4 weeks for the work to be completed. There may be delays at certain times of the year ( busy periods and holidays ). Please contact us if you need more information.

December 2018

Faced with ever rising costs for rent, tooling, power and materials, we are having to raise prices, our first increase in 4 years. From 1st January 2019, our charges for single cranks wil rise by £3, pairs by £6. The uplift for cranks using integrated axles rises to £12, and the chainring/cleaning fee will become £6. All prices subject to VAT.

Any cranks received before 2nd January will be charged at current prices. Thank you for your continued support of our unique custom crank service.

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