Pedal Extenders

Do your heels or toes hit your cranks when you pedal? Do you feel your feet are cramped on the bike? Made from stainless steel, our Pedal Extenders move each pedal out by 23mm to fix your problem. They also help to reduce hip, knee, ankle or foot pain if you are a less agile cyclist.

Extenders can be used with any pedals that are installed with a spanner, or can be drilled for pedals installed using an 6mm hex key.

NEW! Now can be ordered with adaptors for pedals with 8mm hex fitting.

Made from bright 303 stainless steel, not dark as the graphic below. Unlike some cheaper competitors, these extenders WILL NOT RUST under normal use.

To quote a recent customer, who now has four pairs of extenders :-
“Your pedal extenders are reassuringly expensive, the Stella Artois of bike parts.
Carry on with the good work. Quality costs money!”

Pulse Pedal Extenders

Pedal Extenders Pricing
GB pounds

1x pair (left + right) from £39.00 + VAT

Pedal Extenders – Pair

 Single Extender from £23.00 + VAT

Pedal Extender
Choose Side

Extenders drilled for 6mm hexagon key fitting pedals  £5 each or £7 a pair extra – Note: drilling will weaken extenders slightly.

6mm/8mm hex adaptors are £4 each or £6 a pair

VAT at 20% will be added at checkout for all UK orders

Shipping: £ 4.99 for one, £6.99 two or more. Free on orders over £160.00

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